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Genealogy Searching Service
(include: more than 3000 clans pedigrees)

(+86 731)

Library for the Blind

  1. 3000 pieces of Braille Edition Books of Social Science, Natural Science and Talking Books.
  2. Computers for the Blind.
  3. Braille Collections Bibliography.
  4. Home Service of Readers Card Issuing.
  5. Telephone Inquiry and Lending.
  6. Sending books door-to-door.
  7. Sending Books by post.

(+86 731)84174123

Micro-filming Technique Service
(include: newspapers, ancient books, periodicals and pedigrees)

(+86 731)84174005

Antiquarian Books Restoration Service

(+86 731)

Collaborative Online Reference Service
(Member Units include: Hunan Library, Hunan University Library, Central-south University Library, Hunan Normal University Library, National University of Defense and Technology Library, Changsha University of Technology, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Information Institute.)


(+86 731)84174002

Topic Information Service

(+86 731)84174002

Local Documents Service

  1. Locals Documents Searching Service
  2. Online Hunan
  3. Documents Research Papers Database
  4. Talks on Hunan Local Documents
  5. Hunan Famous Persons
  6. Origin of Hunan Clans
  7. Local Chronicles
  8. Local Yearbook
  9. Service of Reading, Inquiry, Special Subject Document Retrieval, Document Scanning and Copying….

(+86 731)84174080

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