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Collection Catalogue Searching Service

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(include:2.6 million kind of books bibliography,1.05 million kind of books full-texts. The content of E-books are about economics, agriculture, arts and so on.)

Academic Periodicals
(include:9 thousand kind of periodicals, 40 million academic full-texts, excellent doctor and master’s degree dissertations )

Entertainment Periodicals
(include: more than 1 thousand humane periodicals, whose content are about current events, financial management, female life, history, geography and so on.)

Video on Demand
(include: thousands of latest video programmes ,whose content are about Chinese and foreign films, lectures, local operas, dancing and so on.)

Talking Books
(include: 20 thousand kind of audible programmes, whose content are about classical literature, modern literature, foreign literature, Pingshu, mystery fiction and so on.)

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